Tip of the Day #1

When you're hanging something on your wall, remember there are wires and pipes hidden inside your wall. Don't just stick big screws in there or you'll create a huge issue.

Tip of the Day #2

I compete against handyman franchises (I'm not a franchise) that can be very expensive. Mr. Handyman is a local franchise in Malvern. He charges $250 for the first hour  (or first 20 minutes ) and $100/hour thereafter. They charge $75 to go to Lowes plus a 20% markup on purchases. They want your credit card and signature up front before they'll consider helping you.

My rates average $50/hour. I'm licensed and insured and I hope you find that fair. I don't have a contract to sign nor do I need your credit card to get started. We can shake hands and come to an agreement.

Tip of the Day #3

When your electric goes off during a storm, make sure you unplug anything sensitive like computers and televisions. When the electric is turned back on, the surge can ruin your hardware. Doesn't matter if you have a surge protector. Filing a claim with insurance is a hassle you can avoid by simply unplugging things.

Tip of the Day #4
When you purchase anything from a retailer, pay attention to the packaging. If it's heavily taped, it was probably purchased, something was stolen from it, then returned. Very frustrating to get home to find a package with missing parts. People have no shame.